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HIV/AIDS Treatment Communication
HIV/AIDS Treatment

Pediatric and Adolescent Treatment

Antiretroviral Agents - Pediatric Edition (2003)
"Cards detail all currently approved antiretroviral medications for adult and pediatric use and highlight prescribing, side effect, and adherence information."
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Building Resilience in Children Affected by HIV/AIDS (2003)
"A guide to psychosocial support for children. Itís designed to help parents, caregivers and teachers understand children who are caring for a sick parent, who have lost a parent, and/or who themselves are HIV positive. It provides practical advice on supporting children who have experienced loss, and suggests helpful discussions and games. "
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Children and HIV (2004)
"Explains the seriousness of HIV in children, discusses ART adherence in children, and how HIV affects children differently."
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Growing up together in India (2004)
"Using a rights-based approach, this booklet examines how to care for and support children affected by HIV/AIDS. Sections on the first five years, ages 6-12, and ages 13-18."
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Helping Adolescents with HIV Adhere to HAART (1999)
"This monograph enables clinicians to assist adolescents living with HIV to adhere to the complex regimens of highly active antiretoviral therapies (HAART). It outlines a series of strategies and techniques with which clinicians can tailor antiretroviral regimens to teens' individual requirements, address the obstacles to adherence in their lives, provide them with opportunities to practice medicine-taking behaviors, and give them continuing support when they finally initiate HAART."
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HIV & Children (2005)
Part of a series of information booklets for people with HIV. This booklet is intended for the parents and carers of HIV-positive children under twelve. It looks at how babies and children may be affected by HIV and anti-HIV treatment, gives advice about living with HIV and lists organizations that offer support and specialist information.
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HIV Curriculum for the Health Professional Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI) (2003)
"This comprehensive HIV training curriculum is designed to provide relevant information for health care providers. It includes among others, VCT, PMTCT, pediatric HIV/AIDS and nutrition information. The curriculum was designed in modular format so that it can be adapted for use in different ways. Each module provides key points, objectives, case studies, review questions and references. All the modules can be used together to form a comprehensive curriculum on HIV."
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Making Meds Work for You (2005)
"This is a booklet for young people with HIV infection who have decided to begin antiretroviral therapy. Written with the ongoing input of an advisory group of experts in HIV care and young people living with HIV, the booklet discusses how antiretroviral medicines work in the body and makes suggestions about successfully managing medication schedules."
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Oral Health is Important: A guide for caregivers of children with HIV infection (2004)
"Instructs caregivers on how to care for the teeth of HIV positive children, including cleaning basics, prevention tactics, and fluoride supplementation."
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Pain in Children with HIV/AIDS
Explains the types of pain that may be caused by HIV in children.
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Teen Talk: Living with HIV (2004)
This booklet for teenagers infected with HIV includes information about how to make informed decisions and whom to talk with or contact for additional information.
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Well Care for HIV-positive Children
Discusses how to choose a doctor for your HIV-positive child and gives tips on keeping kids well.
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Women, Children and HIV. Resources for Prevention and Treatment.
A variety of fact sheets from many different organizations.
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