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HIV/AIDS Treatment

Mental Health

A Positive Woman's Survival Kit (1999)
"Published by the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW), ""A Positive Woman’s Survival Kit"" is written by and for women living with HIV/AIDS. This kit is designed primarily for women in countries with few resources therefore the authors chose not to focus on treatments which are not widely available. The first part of the kit focuses mainly on the voices of positive women. The second part consists of Fact Sheets which provide readers with more information on specific subjects"
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Building Resilience in Children Affected by HIV/AIDS (2003)
"A guide to psychosocial support for children. It’s designed to help parents, caregivers and teachers understand children who are caring for a sick parent, who have lost a parent, and/or who themselves are HIV positive. It provides practical advice on supporting children who have experienced loss, and suggests helpful discussions and games. "
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Coping with Chronic Illness (1996)
"In their own words, people with chronic illness describe how they've learned to cope with a changed life. Beginning with the shock, guilt and anger of diagnosis; learning to accept, solve problems and cope; and finally adapting to a changed sense of self. The chronological sequence opens with fear and grief, but concludes with hope."
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Growing up together in India (2004)
"Using a rights-based approach, this booklet examines how to care for and support children affected by HIV/AIDS. Sections on the first five years, ages 6-12, and ages 13-18."
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HIV & Psychiatry: A Training and Resource Manual (1997)
This manual is designed to aid in HIV/AIDS psychiatry training. Includes case studies and multiple-choice questions.
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Living with HIV & Dementia: A guide for the Extended Family (1996)
"This brochure explains dementia in the context of PLHA. It also encourages caregivers to learn ways to reduce stress and discusses the legal steps that safeguard the rights of those suffering from dementia, while enabling those who care about them to act on their behalf."
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Mental Health and HIV Infection: What you should know
"Explains depression, how medical problems or medication relate to depression, specific concerns for PLHA, and how to get help."
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Mental Health Care for People Living with or Affected by HIV/AIDS: A practical guide (1999)
"This guide covers information on a broad range of topics related to mental health care for PLHA, such as how to set up and establish services, how to deliver services, and how to evaluate services."
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Positive Living Manual (2004)
"Detailed, friendly discussion of treatment issues from the PLHA perspective. Includes a comprehensive review of HIV and clinical treatment issues, opportunistic infections, pregnancy, mental health, nutrition, exercise and safer sex"
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Psychosocial Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS (1998)
The document describes what social support is and the importance of psychosocial support in HIV/AIDS care and prevention.
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