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HIV/AIDS Treatment Communication
HIV/AIDS Treatment

Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)

A Public Health Approach for Scaling Up ARV Treatment: A Toolkit for Program Managers (2003)
"A practical starting point for thinking through programmatic and policy issues. Includes a comprehensive examination of 10 components of ARV treatment programs, including planning, enabling policy environment, involving stakeholders, managing commodities, service delivery, financing, managing and M&E. For program managers in government and non-governmental agencies."
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Access to Drugs for HIV/AIDS and Related Opportunistic Infections in Nigeria (2002)
This report provides an overview of the problem of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. It includes a description of the role and price of drugs in response to HIV/AIDS; factors that influence the availability of drugs; pharmacy and regulatory laws; rational drug use and treatment protocols; drug distribution; and, case studies that provide future models for HIV-related drug access. It also provides recommendations on policy issues to improve regulatory apparatus and drug distribution and increase access to high-quality drugs.
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An Approach to Rapid Scale-up using HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care as an Example (2004)
"This document provides general guidance for policy-makers, health care managers and administrators, and health care providers on one general dynamic approach to rapid scale-up using HIV/AIDS treatment and care as an example."
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Breaking down barriers: lessons on providing HIV treatment to injection drug users (2004)
"This report details successful efforts from around the world, including Argentina, Brazil, France, Hong Kong, Russia, Spain, and the United States, to offer drug users antiretroviral treatment (ARV) and the dangers of failing to do so."
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Implementing Programs to Improve Access to HIV-related Drugs in Developing Countries - Country Manual (2000)
"This document explores some of the issues involved in access to care and treatment in developing countries, particularly in the context of the UNAIDS Drug Access Initiative."
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Southeast and East Asia Treatment Education and Advocacy Workshop (2004)
Full Report. Includes discussions on treatment information and education. Follow-on to Treatment Preparedness Summit in Cape Town in 2003.
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Stepping Back from the Edge: The Pursuit of Antiretroviral Therapy in Botswana, South Africa, and Uganda (2003)
This document spells out what it will take to achieve universal access to HIV treatment: vision, activism and risk-taking. The examples show communities and valiant individuals in action, overcoming the barrier of grossly inadequate resources to become models of effective activism.
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