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HIV/AIDS Treatment Communication
HIV/AIDS Treatment

Stigma and Discrimination

AIDS Discrimination in Asia (2004)
"In this study, APN conducted the first regional documentation of AIDS-related discrimination in Asia. The findings indicate that AIDS-related discrimination is prevalent in every sector of society"
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HIV-related Stigma Across Contexts (2005)
"HIV and AIDS-related stigma has long been recognized as one of the main obstacles to the prevention, care and treatment of HIV and AIDS. Yet, little has been done on a large scale to combat stigma because it often is deemed too difficult to define and measure, and too context-specific for large-scale intervention efforts. However, Common at Its Core: HIV-related Stigma Across Contexts, suggests that there are many more similarities than differences in the key causes of stigma, its impact, and its consequences. "
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Measuring HIV Stigma: Results of a field test in Tanzania (2005)
"The demand for stigma indicators has continued to increase, particularly from USAID global missions and their partner agencies. In response to this need, USAID funded this first step of field-testing and validation of an initial set of stigma indicators at one site in Tanzania, based on selected stigma indicators from the Blue Book (USAID Expanded Response Guide to Core Indicators for Monitoring and Reporting on HIV/AIDS Programs), and the 2004 S&DIWG workshop. The results of this effort are found in this working report."
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Protocol for the Identification of Discrimination Against People Living with HIV/AIDS (2000)
This protocol seeks to provide a tool for measuring arbitrary discrimination in a range of key areas in everyday life.
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Scaling Up Responses to HIV/AIDS: Stigma and HIV/AIDS - a pervasive issue (2004)
This document describes what stigma is and gives examples of tools and interventions to address stigma.
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