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HIV/AIDS Treatment Communication
HIV/AIDS Treatment

Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT)

Current Issues in HIV Counseling and Testing in South and Southeast Asia (2000)
"This report is the outcome of a workshop held in India in 1999. It describes service delivery models, ethical and legal issues, the implications of new testing technologies, and other issues. It also includes recommendations for further operations research and improvements in counseling services."
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HIV counseling and testing for youth (2005)
This manual is a guide to best practices for offering HIV counseling and testing services for youth. To strengthen youth counseling and testing services, this manual functions as a reference tool on youth and HIV/AIDS, a guide to counseling young clients about HIV testing, prevention, care, and treatment, a reference tool on related services, and a place to record local referral networks.
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HIV Testing and counselling: the gateway to treatment, care and support
A four-page summary WHO’s guiding principles for expanded testing and counseling: (voluntary testing, confidentiality and post-test counseling). Also addresses the importance of simple/rapid tests, adequate human resources and infrastructure needs.
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HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing: A gateway to prevention and care (2002)
"The booklet describes the experiences of and challenges faced by five programmes in sub-Saharan Africa, which developed effective practices and implemented novel and successful approaches to VCT."
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HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing: Skills Training Curriculum, Facilitator's Guide (2005)
This was developed to guide the training of VCT counselors and is meant to be a VCT training curriculum. The Facilitator's Guide standardizes training in and provision of counseling services in various settings using a variety of service-delivery models.
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HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing: Skills Training Curriculum, Participant's Manual (2005)
This publication is a companion to the Facilitator's Guide. The goal of these training materials is to train VCT counselors professionally to provide high-quality VCT services in a variety of settings.
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HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing and Care and Support Services in Nairobi, Kenya (1999)
For over ten years, HIV/AIDS counselling, testing, care and support services have been developed and delivered by dedicated NGO, governmental and private agencies. There have been few attempts to inventory these different services and to make this information available to programme managers and service providers, and this report contributes to these previous efforts. The report findings spotlight some of the difficulties and obstacles that can accompany the delivery of new health services. The most troubling and surely the most difficult to overcome are related to stigma. A general social environment where affected individuals continue to be stigmatized and ostracized obstructs access to services for people in need and impedes the ability of organizations to deliver the best services possible.
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Scaling Up HIV Testing and Counselling Services
Developed by the World Health Organization and the Alliance, this toolkit provides practical guidance on the processes of planning and implementing testing and counselling services in resource-limited settings.
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Snapshots from the Field: Scaling-up Voluntary Counseling and Testing in Africa (2004)
This is a collection of case studies that share highlights and lessons learned from VCT programs that have expanded services in Africa.
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VCT Toolkit: HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing: A Reference Guide for Counselors and Trainers (2004)
"Reference Guide equips users with the competence to provide comprehensive, quality, and culturally appropriate services. Increased quality of services will lead to greater acceptance and utilization of VCT services. The reference guide includes discussion of: training and skills-building materials; sensitive HIV testing issues; basic counseling concepts; skills and coping mechanisms; standardized strategies to promote behavior change; and quality assurance systems. This diverse collection of information will benefit all involved in HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and support efforts, including health care providers, counseling professionals, community workers, and people living with HIV/AIDS."
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VCT Voluntary Counseling & Testing HIV/AIDS: Training of Trainers Curriculum: For Youth-Friendly Services in Freestanding Settings: Ethiopia
This curriculum has been developed to standardize the training of youth in voluntary HIV counseling and testing (VCT) sites to ensure that clients receive accurate and up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS as well as quality counseling. The aim is to encourage youth - who are often reluctant to go to a hospital or clinic for confidentiality reasons - to go for testing. This manual is a training of trainers' manual for training of youth counselors. The content is based on recommendations made from a needs assessment and focuses on HIV/AIDS information and VCT counseling skills.
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Voluntary Counseling and Testing (Various)
Part of a fact sheet series. This document presents rationale for VCT and lessons learned from multi-country implementation of VCT services.
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Voluntary Counselling and Testing: Emerging Approaches from Asia and Eastern Europe (2004)
This report draws from a workshop hosted by KHANA, the Alliance’s linking organization in Cambodia, bringing together participants from various Alliance linking organizations and country offices, representatives from other organizations working in the region, and donors such as UNICEF and USAID. It presents participants’ experiences of VCT and shares good practice and next steps for the Alliance and others – in particular, the need for VCT that is integrated with mainstream services, community driven and focused on the individual.
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What is Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing?
"Explains what counseling and testing is needed, the benefits of testing, what will happen if one tests positive, and rights of the testee."
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