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Update #53: September 26, 2003

- VISCOM Listserv
- Featured Website: Multicultural Health Communication Service
- Featured Website: Soul Beat Africa
- New HCMN Members

VISCOM Listserv
VISCOM list server - is an international listserv open to anyone
interested in any aspect of visual communication. Topics include film,
photography, television, new media and all forms of the visual arts in
terms of production, distribution and scholarly research. The list is
not moderated. To subscribe simply send an email to
with a one line message - subscribe viscom
[your] FIRST NAME LAST NAME. A message will then be sent to you
about digesting and unsubscribing.
Check out:

Multicultural Health Communication Service
NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (Multicultural
Communication) provides information and services to assist health
professionals to communicate with non English speaking communities.
NSW Department of Health funds the service, and endorses the multilingual
health information published on the website. There are over 400 publications
on health in a wide range of languages and a new publication is produced
each month. Some multilingual resources produced by other services are also
listed on this website and there are links to related websites.

Soul Beat Africa
Soul Beat Africa aims to be a space for communicators across Africa to share
experiences, materials, strategic thinking and events, and to engage in
discussion and debate. This site is meant for communicators, practitioners, media
makers, academics, researchers, and others who are using or are interested in
communication for change in Africa.

New HCMN Members
P. Sahhayam
Tamilnadu 627002 India
Phone: 0462577880
Interests: Reproductive Health
Dear sir/madam, greetings from bsss. It is nice to note that your organization is
engaged in encouraging and assisting NGO's in taking up mother and child health
development activities. We are a grass-root level, voluntary organization working
with 18,000-odd people for 10 years. The target group consists of dalith and other poor
and uneducated section. Our main focus is awareness building and motivation of the
people and activating them work for the their own development. Our experience with
target group has helped us to watch and understand their health behavior in a very close
perspective ,especially the reproductive health care for mothers and natal care for children
are virtually ignored which in recent time has raised the level of MMR and IMR and
incidence of disabilities among children. We propose to organise the woman ,children and the
men in 31 COLONIES OF POOR DALIT PEOPLE and build up awareness and motivation
so that they give utmost importance of RCH care and promote the health status of woman
and children we request you kind consider organstion main brief
Thanking you
Yours truly,
P. Sahhayam

Sheila Sager
Pennsylvania State University
115 Carnegie Building
University Park PA 16802 United States
PhD Candidate - Mass Communications, College of Communications
Graduate Fellow - Institute for Information Policy
Instructor - Telecommunications

Jennifer Warren
Doctoral Candidate
Pennsylvania State University
234 Sparks
University Park PA 16802 USA
I am in the department of communication arts and sciences at Penn State University.
My research agenda involves exploring how low income African American
women utilize the internet to obtain health information and the effect of this
information on their identity and communication.

Judith L. Weiner
Pennsylvania State University
234 Sparks Building
State College PA 16802 USA
Interests: General Health

Faustine Ngarambe
Programme Coordinator
St. Francis Health Care Servies
P.O.Box 2210 Jinja 00256 Uganda
Phone: 07
Interests: Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, Home based care for AIDS patients

Shanpin Fanchiang, Ph.D.
Chair, Medical Consumer Health Information Pgm
Rancho Los Amigos National Rehab Center
7601 East Imperial HWY Downey CA 90242 USA
Phone: (562) 401-6083
Focusing on patient/family education at Rancho, I have established the Medical
Consumer Health Information Program (Med-CHIP) with a multi-disciplinary
committee. The mission of Med-CHIP is
(1) Reach patients ASAP
(2) Clinicians can reach and use
(3) Rancho members can search and find

Tanim Adhan
Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion
E- 16 Greater Kailash 1 New Delhi
Delhi 110048 India
Phone: 9818130930
Email: ,hllnr
Interests: Reproductive Health
We are working for reproductive and child health all across rural India

Dept. of Gyn. & Obs.
#62,Old Road,Kattankudy-03. Kattankudy
Batticalo 00300 Sri Lanka
Phone: +94652246797
Interests: Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, Gynecology & Obstetrics

Wokoma Inye Oliver
Salvage Action Network Nigeria
P.O. box 1760,mile one diobu,port harcourt, port har court
Rivers State 500001 Nigeria
Phone: 08037084114
Interests: Reproductive Health
Salvage action network Nigeria (SAN )is a non- governmental organization based
in Nigeria. We operate in the rural areas of the country and part of our focus is
creating awareness on health related issues.

Mr Careca Akarue
Liberty 4 Africa [L4A]
17 Eburu Street Okumagba Avenue Warri
Delta State 234 Nigeria
Phone: 234-80-3708-5522
Interests: Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, General Health, and
Infectious Diseases
The mission of liberty4africa is to organize health programs focus on infections
diseases prevention and productive. And also carry out research on health and child
health development. Just open a health resource center and we focus on aids counseling,
caring for the infected and for testing. this a partnership with ebony clinic & maternity.

Mr. Arunachalam
Chief Coordinator
Resource Centre for Human Affairs
NGO.A.colony,Indiranagar, SANKARANKOVIL: 627756,
Tirunelveli Dt.,Tamilnadu, India
Greetings... Our organization is established in 1986, and Registered
under Tamilnadu Government Societies Registration Act, as Society. Its functioning
at Sankarankovil. The organization strives for the upliftment of rural health, rural
employment and the appropriate technology transfer for the rural welfare. To achieve
this adopts a community based approach and team work as core methodologies
in its training , research, and undertaking service programs for the implementation
in the rural areas. OBJECTIVE: The ultimate objective of the organization is to promote
Education, Health, Economic, Environment and Ecology in the rural areas by conducting
the appropriate training, research and service activities, especially in the field of
Reproductive and Child Health, Preventive programs in rural health and Family Welfare.

COMMUNICATION along with existing organizations. The center will function,
compress with; Training, Research, and Production of Health Communication material
units. 1.Training Unit- Long term training program (one year) a) Health Communication
Technology, b) Electronic media c) Advertising and Visual publicity on health and
2. Short term training program; to disadvantaged groups, NGO's, School teachers and other
interested persons; a) Preparation and production techniques of health communication materials,
b) Videography c) Graphic arts d) Screen printing e) Concept development techniques and
creative writing.
3. Research: Related to this area of Health Communication - program research, and scientific
studies would be conducted in the research unit.
4. Production: unit; a) Preparation, production and distribution of health communication
materials to be developed for Teching, Training and Publicity purposes. b) Technical
guidance to other agencies.
Requesting advice to establish over said that Regional Resource Center for Health and
Communication in our organization.

Please contact Mr. Arunachalam directly.

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