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Update #61: April 1, 2004

- Interactive Games Project
- Hearts N' Parks Community Mobilisation Guide
- Online Resource for Aid Organizations: ForeignAid
- WHO: "River of Life" Photo Competition
- Report on Internet Study in Kenya: TeenWeb
- The Quality Improvement for Emergency Obstetric Care Leadership Manual
- Electronic Newsletter: HIV ForeSite
- New Publication: My Changing Body: Fertility Awareness for Young People
- Website: Youth Creating and Communicating on HIV/AIDS
- Global Curriculum Bank for HIV/AIDS Preventive Education [CD-ROM]
- Online Training Materials: Writing for Change
- New HCMN Members

Interactive Games Project - Bangkok, Thailand
A mass media project that uses a web-based interactive computer game to promote adolescent
sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) among young people in Bangkok, Thailand. The game
is intended to entertain 13- to 15-year-olds while it educates them. A game design expert from
Microsoft Games visited Bangkok to provide training workshops and brainstorming sessions.
The government is supporting the effort by following through on its commitment to provide
computers to all schools around the country, including rural sites, and to provide Internet
For more information contact:
Ken Kutsch
Behavior Change Communications Program Officer
Program for Appropriate Technologies in Health (PATH)
1800 K St, NW
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20006 USA
Tel.: (202) 822-0033
Fax: (202) 457-1466

Source: The Communication Initiative

Hearts N' Parks Community Mobilisation Guide
This community mobilisation guide is designed to help local community, park, and
recreation agencies promote heart-healthy lifestyles and changes such as increased
physical activity and heart-healthy eating among children and adults. The guide provides
tools for implementing a Hearts N' Parks programme including background information
and materials, techniques for creating and delivering heart-healthy activities to participants,
tools and strategies for reaching targeted groups, forming partnerships, and working with
the media, as well as assessment tools to measure programme performance.

To download the complete guide in PDF format [4.6 MB]:

This guide can also be downloaded by chapter in PDF format, visit the following link,
choose a chapter and download:

A print version is also available, visit the following link to order the guide online:
Source: The Communication Initiative

Online Resource for Aid Organizations: ForeignAid
Designed to be a resource for nonprofits, donors, companies, and individuals worldwide,
ForeignAid provides profiles, analysis, certifications, and ratings for grassroots
nonprofits in an effort to bridge the information gap between these groups and potential
grant makers. While there is a sliding-scale fee associated with membership,
organizations may apply for a free online/print profile; a free monthly e-newsletter is

Source: The Communication Initiative

The World health Organization Launches "River of Life" Photo Competition
On the theme of sexual and reproductive health
The World Health Organization (WHO) is inviting photographers from around
the world to submit images that capture four key stages in the "River of
Life": Love, Life, Illness and Death. Our challenge to photographers
every where is to help lift the veil on this most sensitive of subjects
through the lens of your camera. Cultural and social taboos often obscure
the central role that sexual and reproductive health plays in all our lives
as individuals, couples or families. We are inviting photographers to use
their cameras to bring to life success stories in sexual and reproductive
health and also to zoom in on the glaring inequalities where we, as a global
community, must do better.

This competition is part of WHO's broader effort to raise public awareness
of the importance of reproductive health and the challenges the
international community is facing in this area. Many developing countries
suffer from persistently high rates of maternal deaths, sexually transmitted
infections including HIV, unwanted pregnancies, and unsafe abortion.

The competition is open to both amateur and professional photographers and
will run between 9 March and 13 April 2004. Judged by a panel of experts,
the winning photographs will be displayed at the World Health Assembly (WHA)
in Geneva in May 2004, and used in a WHO campaign on sexual and reproductive
health. The exhibition will coincide with the presentation of the new global
reproductive health strategy to the WHA and mark the 10th anniversary of the
International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD).

For details please visit:

To help us in our efforts to disseminate this information to the greatest
number of people around the world, we would be grateful if you or your
organisation forward this message. In addition should the policy of your
organisation permit, you could add the URL link mentioned above on your
homepage during the period of the competition.

Report on Internet Study in Kenya: TeenWeb Nairobi
Results of a Web-based Project to Survey and Educate Students about Health
(You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this document)

This report concerns TeenWeb, an innovative, school-based Internet study that involved
over 1,000 youth in five public secondary schools in Nairobi.

The Quality Improvement for Emergency Obstetric Care Leadership Manual
The purpose of this newly revised manual and accompanying toolbook is to assist health care
providers working in emergency obstetric care (EmOC) settings to improve the quality of services
within their facility. The manual describes a continuous, four-step quality improvement process
that is based on participatory principles of staff involvement and ownership and that focuses on
clients' rights and needs. The accompanying toolbook contains the information-gathering
instruments used as part of the QI process, along with instructions for their use.
Carrie Svingen:

HIV ForeSite -- February 24, 2004
E-mail newsletter from HIV InSite: Gateway to AIDS Knowledge.
- Integrating HIV Prevention into the Care of People with HIV.
- Prophylaxis Following Nonoccupational Exposure to HIV.
- Sexual Transmission of HIV: Related Resources
Features journal articles, reports and presentations, patient and provider fact sheets, and
HIV INSITE CONFERENCE COVERAGE - 11th Conference on Retroviruses and
Opportunistic Infections, February 8-11, 2003, San Francisco, CA. Summaries of selected
presentations from HIV InSite's medical editors, news stories, and links to conference coverage.

New Publication: My Changing Body: Fertility Awareness for Young People
My Changing Body, Fertility Awareness for Young People, is a
training manual developed by Family Health International and the Institute for Reproductive
Health of Georgetown University to teach girls and boys ages 10 to 14 years about the changes
they experience as they approach puberty. It also seeks to help youth take good care of their
bodies, become more self-confident, and gain positive self-images. Designed for adults who
regularly teach human development and fertility to youth in schools, clubs,
or community centers, the interactive manual can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a
supplement to other reproductive health training materials for youth.

Website: Youth Creating and Communicating on HIV/AIDS
Youth Creating and Communicating on HIV/AIDS is a UNESCO web-based initiative that
invites young people of different cultures to work creatively together to express their
perspectives on HIV/AIDS. This programme's aim is to enable young people to reflect on
HIV/AIDS as it relates to specific social and cultural issues and to express their thoughts and
feelings by creating artwork with digital sound and images. Designed for young people from 14
to 19 years old, the game may be developed within the regular educational curriculum of schools.
Source: The Communication Initiative
Coordinator, Youth Creating and Communicating on HIV/AIDS:

Global Curriculum Bank for HIV/AIDS Preventive Education [CD-ROM]
This CD-ROM includes a bibliographic database of international curriculum materials and
related documentation for HIV/AIDS education at primary and secondary levels of schooling.
Its purpose is to support curriculum developers, teacher trainers, policy-makers, and teachers,
mainly in developing countries, who seek to elaborate efficient preventive HIV/AIDS
curricula and related teaching and learning material.
Users will be able to access directly full-text documents archived on the CD-ROM, access
full-text documents through the Internet (links are provided), and acquire all necessary
information to contact authors and/or publishers to order a copy of a document that is not
available in electronic format.
The databank that is at the centre of the CD-ROM is also available in an online format.
Source: The Communication Initiative
Christine Panchaud:

An Interactive Guide to Effective Writing, Writing for Science, and Writing for Advocacy
All materials are available for free online.
Users' Guide
Effective Writing: Core Skills
-Creating a Message
-Organizing your Ideas
-Writing a First Draft
-Effective Editing

Writing for Science
-Defining the Concept
-Preparing an Outline
-Writing the First Draft
-Topping and Tailing

Writing for Advocacy
-Understanding Advocacy
-Media for Advocacy

Resource Centre
Source: Child Survival Community Listserve

New HCMN Members
Sanja Boskovic
RH/FP Communication Activities Coordinator
CHF International/Srbija - POC Nis
Knjazevacka jug 25

Nis Serbia 18 000
Serbia and Montenegro
Phone: + 899
Interests: Reproductive Health
CHF/USAID program "Reproductive Health and Family Planning" started in 2002.
According to 2003/2004 Strategy, RH/FP Team (Program Manager, Program
Coordinator, Program Assistant, M/E Routine Coordinator, Coordinator for Communication Activities)developed 4 program lines: family planning, youth at risk, prevention and early
cancer detection and safe motherhood in Southeast Serbia. Basic concept for all activities is
training of treiners and developing educators of all ages network. So, we developed poster
which I am submiting. We announced picture contest with topics based on 4 program lines
for artists up to 30 years old. We awarded first, second, and third pictures for each program
line. At the end, we developed in cooperation with our CHF's coledge poster which consists
of program's logo, first awarded pictures, and place for information about our and educators
activities. I am submiting our logo created by our Program Assistent. More information about
RH/FP program in Southeast Serbia you can find on

Diana Santana
Research Analyst
ORC Macro
11785 Beltsville Drive
Calverton MD 20705-3119
Interests: Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, HIV/AIDS, Family Planning, M&E

T. M. Jayakar
Development Concerns
2-2-56, Akil apts., Amberpet,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
500013 India
Phone: 0091 40 31058066
Interests: Reproductive Health , General Health, Infectious Diseases, Sanitation/Hygiene,
Domestic Violence

Marcela Aguilar
Program Officer
111 Market Place, Suite 310
Baltimore MD
21202 USA
Interests: Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, Environment, Domestic Violence

Mohammed Alauddin
Project Co-ordinator of CSSU of BNSB
2, outer circular road, Shantibagh, Dhaka.
Dhaka Bangladesh
Phone: 880-8315405-9 ext-227
We work for visually handicraft people in Bangladesh to prevent and cure blindness and
rehabilitation of the incurable people.

Dayo Yinusa
Peer educator
St. Murumba College, Zaria road,
Jos, Plateau state 234
Interests: Reproductive Health
I am trained to be a peer educator on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS project, and also to
train at least 40 peer educators for advocacy.

Tessa Sittrop
Media/Community Education & Awareness Coordinator
Australian Volunteer International
4 coleus street,
Dromana, Victoria 3936
Phone: 0 711
Interests: General Health, Environment, Sanitation/Hygiene
The Australian Volunteer International program allows professionals like myself to take
on placements in developing countries and to contribute/transfer/build capacity in the area
of our expertise. I have a Masters of Public Health and am soon taking up a position in the
Ministry of Environment in Kiribati, to perform the above outlined responsibilities
Mrs. Farida Khan
Affus Woman Welfare Association (AWWA)
10-303, Gulzarpet, Anantapur-515001
Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh
515001 India
Phone: 08554-226225
Affus Women Welfare Association (AWWA) is a socio-economic Association established
to improve the social, economic and mental condition of the women at Grass root level. We
conduct Health, Educational , and Vocational Programs. and microcredit programs to self
help groups and providing very poor families with very small loans (microcredit) to help
them engage in productive activities or grow their small businesses .

AWWA is also conducts Free computer courses, Beautician, Tailoring, Soft Toys,
Paintings, Embroidery and consumer Awareness Camps, Pulse-Polio Programs, Women and
Child Welfare Programs, Environment Awareness Camps and many such activities. Presently
we are engaged in income generation programs for women, eg. Beautician course, cutting &
tailoring, saree & bedsheet painting, soft toys, pot dacoration, banjara work, Mehndi designing
and other courses. We are doing all these activities voluntary without any help from the
Government or Non-Government Organizations.

Please send relevant materials if possible.

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