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Update #68: September 30, 2004


Interactive HIV/AIDS game being developed in UAE

My name is Marwa. I have recently undergone a study on AIDS/HIV and realized that many youngsters in the Middle East know very little about the virus and its causes etc. So a couple of students and myself from the American University of Sharjah have made an interactive game where children and youngsters can learn about more about the virus. This is a very simple and straight forward attempt however still interactive. If you can kindly give me a quick brief on how we can share this game with many other please do contact me via email at or and i will be more than glad to hear from you

Thank you
Marwa A
from the United Arab Emirates

Featured Website:

Site details the results of work on the part of Gary Friedman Productions to help Kenyans overcome their prejudices and find ways to connect with each other. Live puppetry performances educate people of all ages about health- and development-related issues such as immunisation, drug abuse, gender issues, refugees, street children, conservation, and corruption. Programmes such as Puppets Against AIDS, African Puppet Television, Puppets Against Abuse, and Puppets in Prison are described.

Source: Soul Beat Africa/The Communications Initiative

Looking For Medical Illustrators

I am looking for illustrators, especially medical illustrators, in Africa (Malawi and vicinity) and South Asia (mainly India and Bangladesh). Are there any other sources of medical illustrators that you are aware of? (Websites, etc)Thanks so much!

Kate Tulenko, MD, MPH, MPhil
Public Health Specialist, The World Bank
Southern and Eastern Africa (AFTH1)
701 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20433
J 10--028
Tele: 1-
Fax: 1-

MAGIC - Media Activities and Good Ideas by, with, and for Children

All over the world, children and young people are contributing to a range of TV programmes, radio shows, newspapers, websites and other media projects, getting their voices heard and putting their hopes and concerns into the public arena.

The MAGIC website is UNICEF's (United Nations Children's Fund) response to the Oslo Challenge of 1999, which called on media professionals, educators, governments, organizations, parents, children and young people themselves to recognize the enormous potential of media to make the world a better place for children. This site showcases media projects involving children and youth, providing background information, links, and contacts.

Great Expectations: 6 mothers-to-be share their experiences

In the lead up to World Health Day on 7 April next year, six mothers-to-be living in different countries of the world will share their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth. The first part of this feature series introduces these women at five months into their pregnancies. We will return to their stories again when they are seven months pregnant, at the birth of their babies, at one week after birth, and finally when their babies are six weeks old.

World Health Day 2005, April 7
Theme: Maternal and child health

Related WHO sites:
Maternal health:
Child health:
Reproductive health:
Prenatal care:

Workplace HIV/AIDS Policy and Program

SMARTWork (Strategically Managing AIDS Responses Together in the Workplace), a program of the Academy for Educational Development (AED), is working in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nigeria, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe to assist organizations to establish effective HIV/AIDS workplace policies and comprehensive programs. The SMARTWork Program conducts national and enterprise level needs assessments, workshops, training seminars, and offers other technical assistance on how to develop and implement workplace programs that reduce HIV transmission, stigma, and discrimination against people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

AED is pleased to announce the release of its Workplace Guide for Managers and Labor Leaders: HIV/AIDS Policies and Programs. After extensive piloting in the six project countries, the guide is now available on our website: (you may also contact us by email to request a CD-Rom). The Workplace Guide provides a thorough, step-by-step approach to help workplaces respond effectively. Although it is currently available only in English, it will soon be available in Spanish, French, Russian, and Vietnamese.

The Workplace Guide is unique: it describes how to create an HIV/AIDS workplace policy and program with the full involvement of both business and labor representatives. Though it can be difficult to bring business and labor representatives to the table, doing so creates the best potential for workplace programs to be comprehensive, credible to workers, and sustained over time.

All workers need tools to do their work, and building an effective workplace HIV/AIDS program is no different.

In addition to the Workplace Guide, there are many other tools and resources available on the SMARTWork website (, including sample workplace posters and IEC/BCC educational materials, company policies, and country studies.

You may also contact:
Matthew W Roberts, Ph.D.
Project Director, SMARTWork
Center on AIDS & Community Health (COACH)
Academy for Educational Development
1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20009 USA

Global Health Council Awards and Competitions

The $1 million Gates Award for Global Health
Deadline October 31, 2004

The Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights
Deadline January 31, 2005

Photography Contest
Deadline February 1, 2005

Best Practices in Global Health
Deadline February 28, 2005

Excellence in Media
Deadline February 28, 2005

HIV/AIDS handbook in Malayalam

The Karunikan Magazine published in Malayalam is bringing out its September issue as HIV/AIDS Special.

It is an attempt to comprehensively document latest scientific information on HIV-Aids in simple Malayalam, understandable to common people. It will have an analysis of the social and medical angles, perspective of different religions on the issue, critical analysis of government and NGO strategies followed in India and details of HIV related projects, facilities, and institutions in Kerala.

In the light of the very high stigma problem in Kerala this may be a very useful handbook for healthcare workers and teachers.

Copies may be obtained at discounted price of Rs.15/- per copy against bookstand price of Rs.25/- by sending orders to:
The Circulation Manager,
Okkal P.O.Kalady

Five New Publications from Save the Children

Care of the Newborn, Reference Manual
This Manual guides the training of all health care workers in essential newborn care for the health and survival of babies in their first 28 days of life. It provides a comprehensive approach to addressing newborn concerns for both preventative care and recognition and management of life-threatening problems.

Every Newborn's Health
Every Newborn's Health describes those fundamental measures necessary for all babies during the first month of life - eye care, immunizations, body temperature, cord care, and breastfeeding. It is an excellent resource for health care workers in clinics, in the community, or for those who manage newborn health programs.

Qualitative Research to Improve Newborn Care Practices
This guide serves as a reference tool for conducting qualitative research in order to effectively design behavior communications strategies to improve newborn care practices. It focuses on evidence-based practices, data collection techniques, data analysis, and BCC planning and programming.

The Healthy Newborn Partnership: Improving Newborn Survival and Health Through Partnership, Policy, and Action
This policy brief describes ways in which the Healthy Newborn Partnership, formed in 2000, is working to promote newborn health through collaboration and information exchange. Produced in collaboration with Population Reference Bureau

Using Evidence to Save Newborn Lives
This policy brief presents findings from a comprehensive review of evidence on the impact of newborn health interventions in less developed countries and offers a persuasive argument for using research as a tool for identifying the most effective measures for saving newborn lives. Produce in collaboration with Population Reference Bureau

Nathalie Gamache
Program Associate
Saving Newborn Lives Initiative
Save the Children
2000 M Street, NW Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 530-4364
Fax: (202) 637-9362

*********************************************************** Implications for Health Promotion of Health Literacy Developments *********************************************************** This week in the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin, Dr. Irving Rootman, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Distinguished Scholar and Professor, Centre for Community Health Promotion Research, Faculty of Human and Social Development, University of Victoria writes about the implications for health promotion of health literacy developments. He comments: "In OHPE Bulletin 270.1, I discussed the possible relevance of the concept of health literacy for health promotion (Rootman, 2002). In this issue, I continue the discussion by drawing on Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion, a report on health literacy recently released by the U.S. Institute of Medicine (IOM, 2004) to which I made a contribution as a member of the committee that produced it. This report is important because Institute of Medicine reports tend to have a significant impact on policy, practice, and research in the United States, and often beyond. At a minimum, they give prominence to health issues that are considered to be important by policymakers, practitioners, and researchers. Moreover, this particular report has implications for health promotion in Canada and elsewhere. After presenting the background and summarizing findings and recommendations, I discuss its implications for health promotion in Canada and elsewhere." Read the full article "Health Literacy and Health Promotion: Implications of an Institute of Medicine Report" in OHPE Bulletin #376.1 online at: Read the earlier August 2002 article: "Health Literacy and Health Promotion" in OHPE Bulletin #270.1 online at: "Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion." by Nielsen-Bohlman, L., Panzer, A., Kindig, D.A. (eds.). Available from Institute of Medicine.The Report of the Institute Medicine Committee on Health Literacy. The book can either be downloaded in part from the website or ordered at Additional resources accompanying the two articles in the OHPE Bulletins can be found on the OHPE website at: OHPE #376.2 August 27, 2004: OHPE #270.2 August 2, 2002: If you have a resource or point of view to add to this article, let OHPE know by writing to . More information on OHPE Bulletin's Letters to the Editor column can be found in the submission guidelines ( ****************** New Members ****************** +++++++++++ Hannington +++++++++++ Family Planning Association of Uganda (FPAU ) Plot 2 Katego Road, Off Kira Road, Kamwokya Kampala 256 PO Box 10746 Kampala, Uganda. Tel: +256(41) , (41) (ED) Fax: +256(41) Email: +++++++++++++++++++++ Victor Joseph Muhanika +++++++++++++++++++++ Communication manager Youths AIDS Program and Health Education Box 25165, Dar Es Salaam, 255 Tanzania Phone: 255748426865 Email: Interests: Adolescent Health - To educate youths to be aware of HIV/AIDS and STDs - To provide reproductive education to youths especially primary school students in rural areas in Tanzania where there is no excess of information ++++++++++++++ Tim Tranchilla ++++++++++++++ Program Assistant Academy for Educational Development 1825 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington DC 20009 US Email: Interests: General Health, Infectious Diseases My program, SMARTWork (Strategically Managing AIDS Responses Together in the Workplace), offers workplace HIV/AIDS interventions in six countries worldwide. We've also developed materials for distribution to help workplace HIV/AIDS prevention efforts. +++++++++++++++++++ Robert Austin-Onwordi +++++++++++++++++++ Peer Educators Trainers NYSC/UNICEF 8 Fadeyi Aladura street Ikeja, Lagos, 01234 Nigeria Phone: 234-8034728369 Email: Interests: Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health In collaboration with NYSC, Nigeria and UNICEF, about 250,000 fresh graduates serving the country nationwide are trained to educate secondary school students on adolescent reproductive health and issues related to HIV/AIDS since the alarming rate of infection among the youths to curb or reduce the rate of risky sexual behaviours among youths in the society.I am proudly one of the trained youth service corps trained for the programme. I have completed my training of the young peer educators who will in turn provide useful and vital information to their peers in school, where I will be monitoring their progress. I am presently serving in Enugu state of Nigeria. Thanks to UNICEF/NYSC for this timely and worth programme, for the youths in the society! +++++++++++++++ Ahmed Saleem +++++++++++++++ Communication & Advocacy Coordinator Plan Pakistan, House No 3, Street 33, F-8/1, Islamabad, PAKISTAN Phone: +92-300-9553355 Email: +++++++++++++ Paloma Martin +++++++++++++ Researcher European Network For Smoking Prevention 144 chausee D'Ixelles Brussels, 1050 Belgium (Europe) Phone: 00322306515 Email: Website: We work on tobacco control issues. We have over 600 member organizations all over Europe. +++++++++++++++ Rebecca Jordan +++++++++++++++ Senior Program Associate Landmine Survivors Network 1420 K St NW Washington DC/ 20005/ USA E-mail: Phone: 3916 Fax: 0011 I have developed materials on adjusting to life with limb loss, and now will be developing more, this time on peer support. Need ideas and will offer mine. +++++++++++++++++++++++++ EMMANUEL ODOOM +++++++++++++++++++++++++ EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR LIFE ARK MOVEMENT(NGO) P.O.BOX 377, AKIM ODA, EASTERN OD GHANA Phone: 233-244507566 Email: Interests: Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, Nutrition, Sanitation/Hygiene, Domestic Violence We are a non-governmental organisation, based in Ghana. Our core objective is to fight against HIV/AIDS among the youth, reproductive health, women and child rights and domestic violence advocacy, agriculture, democracy and tourism. We do organize reproductive health and HIV/AIDS programs annually, especially during the yuletide. We do also assist the rural poor women to access loans to start their own business sand other accounting procedures. The youth are also engaged in vegetable production which we are sourcing for assistance to start large scale production for export. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dr.AMMAR IBNE ANWAR ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ of Indian Red Cross Society K-78,SAFINA APARTMENT MEDICAL ROAD,A.M.U ALIGARH,U.P,202002 INDIA Email: ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Nirmalya Mukhopadhyay ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Director-Planning & Programming MANT Hemantika Apartment, 14 Purbachal Kalitala Calcutta West Bengal 700078 India Phone: +91-33-24841418 Email: Interests: Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, Environment, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Sanitation/Hygiene It is with profound gratification that I am introducing myself as a trained and professional Social Work Practitioner working as the Director MANT, an organization of repute. The organization is implementing various development programme including RCH, Literacy, Microfinance and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Programmes in 3 districts of West Bengal India. My job is to design programmes, prepare Plan of Action, monitor and evaluate the RCH and other development programmes. +++++++++++++++++ Benjamin Sensasi +++++++++++++++++ Health Information and Promotion Officer World Health Organization (WHO) P.O. Box 24578, Kampala, Uganda E-mail: Phone: 256-41-335500 Mobile: 507906 Fax: 256 41 335569 I have been working in the area of health communication for the last 12 years. I feel there is a lot I can share from may experience and also knowledge to acquire through this net work. I will share best practices in health communication from the field and also try test or try out new approaches and ideas. +++++++++++++++++++++ Maria Daniella Lancini +++++++++++++++++++++ Journalist Pan American Health Organization Terraza "A" Club Hipico, Mi Reina Caracas, Miranda, 1080 Venezuela Phone: 05 Email: Interests: General Health, Environment I have been working on health communication for the past ten years, assisting in the development of communications strategies, writing and producing communication materials to promote public and environmental health topics. +++++++++++++++ Nkiru Banjoko +++++++++++++++ Coordinator Teen & Child Network, 113, Awolowo Way, OkeAdo, P.M.B.5350 Ibadan, Oyo, 20001 Nigeria Phone: Email: , Interests: Nutritition I'm a journalist and a training manager in a Telecoms company. We basically train and inform care givers on child right which includes information on nutrition. I've been trained on Lactation Management by UNICEF/WHO and was working in an NGO before i picked up employment in a Telecoms company. Presently we are planning training sessions for care givers in daycare centers and need resource materials to give the participants. +++++++++++++++ Rufus Adeagbo +++++++++++++++ Pastor Adolescent Action Pact Karu Abuja, Abuja, FCT, 00000 Nigeria Phone: +234-8036016280 Email: Interests: Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, General Health Working in the area of Reproductive Health in Nigeria among young people. ++++++++++++ Tara Cassidy ++++++++++++ RN, Healthcare Educator Newnan Hospital 60 Hospital Road Newnan, GA 30264, USA Phone: Ext. 1512 Email: Interests: Reproductive Health, Gynecology & Obstetrics I do perinatal and community education. +++++++++++++++++++++++ Lorena Lucar Ghilardi +++++++++++++++++++++++ Coordinator of Materials Production Apoyo a Programas de Poblacisn (APROPO) Los Lirios 192 - San Isidro Lima, L-27, Perz Phone: 511-4410155 / 442-7440 Email: Interests: Reproductive Health APROPO is a NGO that develops Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs, we have more than 20 years of non interrupted work looking for improve the level of life of Peruvians, we build a culture in freedom based on the right of everyone has to be informed and how it act on favor to get a right decision. We develop educative and communicational strategies in order to promote a behavioral change using different places and pieces of communication focusing in specific targets and subjects. I am encharged of the production of every kind of communicational material, from pamphlets, brochures, merchandising to videos and radio spots. Coordinate and supervise the production process starting with the concept to apply in the designing process till getting the final product. I also coordinate and negotiate with media for messages transmission purposes.

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