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Update #74: May 15, 2005


Archives of the Electronic Youth Forum: "Pregnancy Prevention in a Time of AIDS"

The forum ran from March 15 - April 15, 2005, and was sponsored by YouthNet, the INFO Project, and the Implementing Best Practices in Reproductive Health (IBP) Initiative, coordinated by the World Health Organization.

More than 650 people from 86 countries participated. The archive includes all digests and introductory statements by guest panelists. The Forum Summary, the final posting, includes a compilation of all the resources mentioned during the four weeks, with links, as well as evaluation results. Go to:

Rural Voices of Youth Forum

HCMN member Oyebisi Oluseyi contributes the following:

Rural Voices of Youth is a project I started in Nigeria to reach out to young people in rural areas who do not have internet access. Every month, volunteers travel to rural areas in Nigeria to have discussions with young people and record their thoughts and feelings on a given topic.

Find full report on

Media Advocacy for Contraceptive Security: Key Findings and Recommendations for an Asia Regional Workshop

This resource highlights discussions and presentations from "Media Advocacy for Contraceptive Security: An Asia Regional Workshop", which brought together representatives to address ways in which media advocacy could be used to build a constituency for "contraceptive security". This term describes a state in which "people are able to choose, obtain and use high quality contraceptives and condoms when they want them for family planning and HIV/STI [sexually transmitted infection] prevention."

Executive Summary:
Donated contraceptive supplies are not meeting the increasing public demand for contraceptives. UNFPA projects that the number of contraceptive users in developing countries will rise by a staggering 40% by 2015. Securing a reliable contraceptive supply is critical for ensuring that men and women have the means to plan their future, protect their health, and enjoy a better quality of life. By definition, contraceptive security exists when people are able to reliably choose, obtain, and use quality contraceptives and condoms for family planning and HIV/AIDS/STI prevention when they want them.

In the first international conference on contraceptive security in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2001, stakeholders agreed that working with the media was a key element to achieving contraceptive security. Through various outlets, the media have the potential to carry and advocate messages nationally and reach a variety of audiences. Media advocacy is a process of engaging the media to cover issues and placing them on the public agenda. Eighty-seven representatives from donor organizations, governments, the private and NGO sectors, and the media from five countries in Asia convened in Penang, Malaysia, to address ways in which media advocacy could be used to build a constituency for contraceptive security. The meeting, "Media Advocacy for Contraceptive Security," was held in September 2003. It brought together participants from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines to develop country-specific media advocacy action plans for contraceptive security. In planning for action, country teams committed to a series of activities including preparing press releases; devising overall strategies; increasing the media's access to relevant data, messages, and human interest stories; awarding excellent coverage; and organizing television and radio talk shows.

Cyber Cafes, A How-to Manual: Including Designing a Web Site and Implementing an Online Peer Education Program

This guidebook is divided into nine easy-to-read chapters. The chapters build so that those readers who feel less able to use a computer can increase their base of knowledge as they read each chapter. The guidebook describes: the benefits of a cyber cafe and its potential for a positive impact on the lives of young people and adults; the steps in setting up and operating a cyber cafe; the basics of computers and computer networks; the basics of the Internet; the basics of designing a Web site; online peer education as a key to providing youth-friendly information and support via the Internet; and the importance of including opportunities for youth to learn and practice job related computer skills. Available online in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


S.P.I.R.A.L: Selected Patient Information Resources in Asian Languages

SPIRAL is a joint initiative of the South Cove Community Health Center and Tufts University Hirsh Health Sciences Library is supported by a grant from the New England Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine under contract NLM-00-101/SMS. The project aims to:

  • increase electronic access to health information for consumers and health care providers of the South Cove Community Health Center and its affiliates by developing a web site to meet the information needs of the South Cove community.
  • provide consumer information in the languages of the community served, specifically Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Laotian.
  • teach health care providers to use the wide variety of Internet resources available to them and their patients including National Library of Medicine and Tufts University resources.

Advocating for Adolescent Reproductive Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

This publication explores steps for advocating for adolescent reproductive health issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. It provides examples of advocacy efforts, looking at the strategies and activities of reproductive health advocates in sub-Saharan Africa. These examples aim to provide guidance to new campaigns, stimulate ideas, and generate new contacts among reproductive health advocates from around the region.

Source: Communication Initiative

New Members

Rose N. Oronje
Communications Officer
African Population and Health Research Centre
P.O. Box 10787 Nairobi
00100 GPO
Phone: 254 20 272400
Interests: Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health
The African Population and Health Research Center conducts research on reproductive health, adolescent reproductive, urbanization, health and poverty. My work entails synthesizing research findings into easy to read briefs for the mass media, policy makers and the general public.

Franca Andrea
Centro de Salud N° 7
Alfredo Guido 3495 Depto 1
Carapachay Buenos Aires
Argentina 1606
Phone: 0114763-4767
Interests: Gynecology & Obstetrics
Control prenatal a embarazadas; curso de preparación para la maternidad; Charlas sobre salud sexual y reproductiva; detección de embarazdas con VIH; control puerpera,; asistancia y acompañamiento de la madre que amamanta.

Assistant Professor
University of North Texas
225 Avenue B Denton
Texas 76203 USA
Interests: Reproductive Health
Research and Teaching

Nji Nixon
Health Missionaries International
Interests: Reproductive Health, Environment, Nutritition, Sanitation/Hygiene
Fight against HIV/AIDS, STD's through sensitization and family planning. Carry out lectures on proper nutrition, hygiene, sanitation and environmental protection .

Adams Peter
234-09 NIGERIA
Phone: 234-8035-885592
Interests: Infectious Diseases
Our organization create awareness to Rural communities on HIV/AIDS prevention, management and control. We also provide nutrition information and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS

Eyner Romero Estrada
Consultant in DevComm
Free Lance
Apartado Postal 135
Huaraz, Ancash, Perú
Phone: 948-7537
Interests: General Health
I'm a consultant in Development Communication with emphasis in social change. Now I'm working with the local Health Direction (National Government) to prevent diseases like bartonellosis and others.

Rizwana Waraich
Gender and Community Development
LAHORE, 092-042
Phone: 092-0300-4393845
Interests: Reproductive Health
Our organization EHSAS is recently formed by development professionals havings experi4ence 13 years in different capacity. As my work concern I worked as a community and gender professional with different UN and national and international NGOs for ex MDM, UNIDO. FAO, UNIFEM etc focusing women reproductive health plus HIV/AIDs related issues i developed IEC material and EOC system strategy also designed campaigns now I have special interest in creating awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDs.

Steven John Bond
Walkabout Aboriginal Consultant
7 Sunstone Ct,
Yaroomba Qld 4573
Phone: 0418186753
Interests: Domestic Violence
Travel to remote communities assisting mainly with administration help.
Coordinator CEO Administrator

AHM Bazlur Rahman-S21BR
Chief Executive Officer
Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Comm
House:13/1 Level:2 Road:2 Shamoli Dhaka 12
1207 Bangladesh
Phone: 88-2-8125181, 0171881647
BNNRC is a national networking body working for building a democratic society based on the principles of free flow of information, equitable & affordable access to Information, Communication Technology (ICT) for remote & marginalized population. BNNRC registered with Ministry of Law, Parliamentary and Justice Affairs, Government of Bangladesh as a trust and established in 2000 as per Article 19 charter of UN bill of rights.

Liz Avery Gomez
Ph.D. Student in Information Systems
New Jersey Institute of Technology
33 Grove Place
Whippany, NJ, 07981
Phone: (973)428-8292
Interests: Adolescent Health
I am interested in health and well-being of adolescent females. I am interested in the effective delivery of the health communication message.

Olawale Oldotun
African Youths for Transparency
7, Capitol Road, Agege Lagos 2341
Phone: 2348038121460
Interests: Reproductive Health
i am the president of an Anti-aids clubs in my school and also i coordinate different HIV/AIDS awareness training programme in my school and community.

Smith Omotayo
Youth Coordinator
African Youth For Transparency
42 Ibidun Street off Oujelegba road
Surulere Lagos state 2341
Phone: 23418968530
Interests: Reproductive Health
African youth for transparency is a non profit youth led organiusation with the aim of empowering youths in the areas of reproductive healt,HIV/AIDS,sustainable developments and youth leadership.

Austin Babrow
Purdue University
2114 Beering Building
W. Lafayette IN 47907 USA
Phone: 765.494.8294
Interests: Reproductive Health, General Health, Gynecology & Obstetrics
I am primarily a communication theorist with greatest interest in uncertainty and its relationship with values in health communication.

Nadia AlJishi
Health Education Specialist
Qateef Primary Health Care
P.O.Box 9404
Dhahran Eastern Province
31311 Saudi Arabia
Phone: 00966505828474
Interests: General Health

Martin Ssemakula
Radio Trainer/Consultant
33692 Kampala Uganda
Interests: General Health
I am a free lance radio trainer/consultant. I design training programmers targeted at radio stations to help them improve their programming especially in the area of developmental issues. I also work with development partners to find effective engagement with the media, in other words trying to make development more media worthy.

DR. Rao.K.S (M.D)
H.No # 40-421-2B, Bhaskar Nagar,
Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh
518001, India
Phone: 08518-255652,08518-225028, 939
Interests: Infectious Diseases
During my M.D Microbiology course my Dissertation was incidence of HIV and HBsAg in and around kurnool district. Since 1991 I have been Involved in counseling and diagnostic testing for HIV. I want to know more about HIV from other parts of the world and share my experiences too. I am a microbiologist working in kurnool medical college. My wife is a biochemist helping in diagnosis and counseling for HIV infected people in our private laboratory.

Monideepa Mukhopadhyay
State AIDS Prevention and Control Society
GN-29 ,Salt Lake - Sector V
Kolkata West Bengal
Kolkata -7000 91 India
Phone: 9831268610
Email: monideepa.mukherjee
I am dealing the IEC or the Information Education and communication component of HIV/AIDS prevention and control in my state . I owe my responsibilities for generating awareness as to the disease and work out feseable and sustainable coomunication and IEC / BCC strategies/ to prepare communication materials as to to build up a general awareness aboutthe transmission of the infection and its manageability, to cater preventive education as to HIV AIDS ,care and support issues and to generate a social defence in reduction of social stigma and discrimination associated with it.

Floribert BAYONGWA
B.P: 2072 BUKAVU, Via Cyangugu / RWANDA
B.P: 2072 BUKAVU, Via Cyangugu
Phone: (+243)98660174 / (+243)081961
Director of HUMANITARIAN RELIEF CENTER (a non profit organization
commented to relief people who are living with HIV-AIDS).
- We provide technical assistance and training to build local capacity in the following areas:
- Reducing stigma and discrimination in health settings, infection prevention, improving the quality of HIV/STI prevention and treatment services,
- Voluntary counselling and testing, prevention of mother-to-child transmission,
- Integration of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS services, and reducing gender inequit.

Dr. Morankar Sudhakar N.
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Health education & Behavioral Sci
Jimma University, P. O. Box - 5122
Jimma, Oromia,
Phone: 00-251 - 7 - 119364
Interests: Adolescent Health, General Health, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Diseases
I have worked on Stigma related diseases - HIV/AIDS, Leprosy, TB, STDs - adolescent reproductive health, abortion, environmental impact assessment of dams, social services planning, etc. Currently I teach medical anthropology to MPH students in Jimma University in Ethiopia.

Mercy Muthoni Kamau
Health cordinator
156 Ikutha via Kitui
Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: 0721955712
Interests: HIV/AIDS
Improve food security in kitui district through various strategies: Agriculture, Health, Business development

ABM Kamrul Ahsan
Program Manager
13/8 Tajmahal Road, Mohammadpur
Dhaka 1207
Phone: + 880-2- 8
Implement project on different health and population issues

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