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Update #75, June 3, 2005

Dear HCMN Members:
I'd like to introduce (actually re-introduce) myself - I am Susan Leibtag, and will serve as your new moderator for HCMN. I managed HCMN a few years ago, and am very happily taking this on once again. Thank you to Anjali Sanghvi for doing a wonderful moderating job for the last year or so!

HCMN is a virtual organization of over 600 members worldwide that is full of potential - we who work in the field of health communication have much to share, learn, and discuss.

We very much want HCMN to reflect and serve your needs as you do your work, so please feel free to email me and ask for specific discussions, information, and connections.

One of our new features is below, the "Question of the Month" - a discussion starter on a specific topic. Please reply!

Do you develop HIV/AIDS Antiretroviral Therapy materials? If so, what are your greatest challenges? If possible, could you email an image or PDF of the material so that the group can share it?

Here are the new HCMN members, who have just joined in the past couple of weeks:

Health Communications Specialist
Philippine TIPS

I'm involve in the production of IEC materials and communications

Senior BCC Advisor
Global HIV/AIDS Initiative, Nigeria (GHAIN
Abuja, Nigeria

The Global HIV/AIDS Initiative, Nigeria (GHAIN)is a USG funded comprehensive HIV/AIDS program in Nigeria that addresses HIV/AIDS issues from prevention to the treatment and care continuum. As senior BCC Advisor, I work with all partners within the project to ensure that BCC activities are strategic, effective and responsive to audience needs.

MSc student (Health education &Promotion)
Univ For Dev't Studies Tamale Ghana
Tamale, Ghana

I work for the university for development Studies,Currently an MSC student in Health Education and Promotion I am Conducting a Study to review the ongoing Ghana Guinea worm eradication Programe's edcational stategies to establish why the desired behaviour change is slow or even non existent, thus accounting for the increase re infection of guinea worm in Tolon kumbungu district,the 2nd most infested district in Ghana.

Ogbomoso, Oyo state

A human resources management conspectus non-gov,non political,& non- profit oriented aiming at developing the minds of youths and creating violence and crime free environment,campaigning against the rampant sread of HIV/AIDS,creating enabling environment for plicies,principles,norms and cultures, preparing the minds of youths for leadership positions and discouraging the widespread intake of drugs on nigerian campuses & beyond.

Quality Research Institute
Ancash, Peru

I am involved in the fight against stigma. I work with HIV/AIDS patients - women and children.

Project assistance
HIV/AIDS prevention among youth project
Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam

I am working for HIV/AIDS prevention among youth project. It is very useful if you could give me some materials for reference. The HIV/AIDS situation now will impact to the process of poverty reduction. Most of infected people currently are young people. I would like to learn experience from other countries, donors and international organizations that will bring somethinf to help Vietnamese youth to halt the HIV epidemic.

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