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HCMN News – May 17, 2006

  1. Avian Flu Materials - M/MC Spotlight
  2. International Conference on Health & Science Communication
  3. New Global Handbook for FP Providers
  4. NGO Support Toolkit
  5. Two new tools in the Youth Peer Education Toolkit
  6. Photoshare Development Photography Award Winner
  7. New website for Vaccines, Immunization and Polio
  8. Welcome to HCMN!

Avian Flu Materials: Go to to see the latest "Spotlight" which features materials on Avian Flu. Highlighted is a TV spot from Egypt - within hours of the confirmation of cases of the H5N1 Avian Influenza (AI) virus in Egypt on February 17th, 2006, all the major state-owned television channels were broadcasting the news to the public as well as airing this informative TV spot showing families how to protect themselves from the deadly virus: Visit to view the spot

The Health and Science Communications Association's 47th International Conference on Health and Science Communication: Tomorrow&';s Technology for Today's Needs, June 28 - July 1, 2006 at the Washington Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC. Examining Tomorrow's Technology for Today's Needs at The George Washington University Medical Center, The National Library of Medicine, The Holocaust Museum, Smithsonian Institute, and other historic locales. For more information go to

The new Global Handbook for Family Planning Providers (working title) offers clinic-based health care professionals in developing countries the latest guidance on providing contraceptive methods. One of the World Health Organization’s Four Cornerstones of Family Planning Guidance, the book is been prepared through a unique collaboration between editorial staff at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's INFO Project and technical experts and organizations around the world. The book incorporates guidance previously developed by expert consensus under the auspices of WHO and adds new consensus-based guidance created especially for this book. The new book improves on its predecessor, The Essentials of Contraceptive Technology ( ) by covering more methods and more related topics, strengthening the evidence base for its guidance, and substantially increasing the content developed through organized consensus-development processes.  For more information and advance orders of more than 40 copies, please contact the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's INFO Project at .

NGO Support Toolkit from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance:   A new CD-ROM toolkit from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance to support the increasing work and focus on ‘scaling up’ responses to HIV/AIDS. It contains over 500 resources covering seven key areas of NGO/CBO support provision: * NGO support programmes, * Strategic planning, * Partner and project selection, * Technical support, * Institutional change, * Monitoring and evaluation, * NGO support programme management. This CD-ROM toolkit is for people who are establishing, managing or studying support programmes or systems for supporting NGOs and CBOs.  To receive a free copy, simply send a reply email to with your name and address. However, if you have been forwarded this email from someone else you must first register your contact details on line before placing your order. To order the CD-ROM on line please go to:   .Please note that this toolkit is also available on-line at The on-line version is regularly updated with new information and resources.

Two new tools in the Youth Peer Education Toolkit: 1)  Standards for Peer Education Programs provides a framework of essential components for any peer education program, as well as tips and examples from around the world.  2)  Theatre-Based Techniques for Youth Peer Education: A Training Manual is intended for program managers and youth peer educators who are interested in adding a theater component to their reproductive health and HIV prevention activities or in strengthening a theater component that is already part of a program.  Both of these tools resulted from a collaboration between the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Family Health International. They were produced for the Youth Peer Education Network (Y-PEER), a project coordinated by UNFPA. To view the Standards for Peer Education Programs and Theatre-Based Techniques for Youth Peer Education, please visit To request a printed copy, please send your name, organization, and complete mailing address to .

Photoshare Development Photography Award Winner! Photoshare, an activity of the INFO (Information and Knowledge for Health, Project, announces the winner of its annual Development Photography Contest!  Congratulations to Nathalie Raharilaza of Madagascar who has won a brand new Nikon Coolpix 4800 Digital Camera!  Tosee Nathalie's photos and the other submissions, go to

Immunization, Vaccine and Polio Site:  Communication Initiative's Immunisation, Vaccines & Polio Site:  Go to for useful resources and links on these topics. 

Welcome to HCMN!

Cynthia McMillan
Marketing Manager,
Mango Tree Educational Enterprises
Kampala, Uganda
We design and produce IEC materials, books and non-book materials for the education sector (primary and preprimary) and the health sector.   We do training to show educators how to use interactive teaching/counselling aids and even how to make their own from locally available materials.

Kate Lynch
Communications specialist
Washington State Department of Health
Olympia, WA
E-mail  =   
I work in communication and social marketing planning for the Chronic Disease Prevention Unit; programs in this unit include nutrition, physical activity, heart disease and stroke prevention, asthma, diabetes prevention and control.

Herman Ssebuliba
E-mail    =  
We work with the school going age in the fields of counseling, information dissemination, skills development, advocacy and mass mobilization.  We also work in the fields of education most especially we emphasize girl child education whereby the organization currently pay tuition fee to students who are orphans, needy in Johnhill secondary school in Masaka and support other students of the same category in Kanyanya Church of Uganda primary school in Kampala District.

Isaura Martinez
Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)
Santa Tecla, La Libertad, El Salvador
E-mail =
Currently I'm working in a project called Health Channel, which is a new instrument of health communication and education. With that, human resources from all around the country can improve their knowledge and apply them to help the people in communities.

Ayoola Fabunmi Motunrayo
International Cultural Youth Exchange
Lagos, Nigeria
E-mail  =  
We are basically into global education and intercultural exchange through youth mobility, but recently we have started education on general health in the rural areas (Ode-remo and Abeokuta). Our volunteers (both local and international) take time out to educate the locals on the importance of general health and hygiene. We are also currently working on a youth resource centre at our office in Lagos, an avenue for youth to make use of computers after school hours and also get to be educated on health matters and also receive counseling on issues that affect their lives.

Dr. V . Jagannath
Head ( Family Initiatives)
Jamshedpur, India
E-mail =  
Tata Steel Family Initiatives Foundation is supported by Tata Steel and is  primarily a service provider for Maternal & child health and Family planning services. We are also working on adolescent reproductive & sexual health issues. We have a care and support programme for HIV / AIDS and also provide PPTCT services. Last year we added resource cum training centre to our activities. We partner with International and national funding agencies in the above mentioned areas. Our area of operation is in and around Jamshedpur covering a population of 10 lakhs.

Marta O'Kelly
Executive Director
Madrid, Spain
E-mail  =  
SIG is a network of NGOs working in the field of Health, Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Rights which main objective is to carry out advocacy and raising awareness  activities both at the international level and in Spain. 

Ann Downer
Seattle, Washington, USA
E-mail =
Technical assistance for increasing human and institutional capacity for HIV/AIDS treatment and integrated care; instructional design; clinical training and mentoring; program management

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