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  M/MC HCMD Detail Information for PO PER 82
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Date: No Date

Country: Peru

Media Format: Poster

Languages: Spanish

English Title: [Andrea: Time for love]

Original Title: Andrea: Tiempo de amor: Una serie audaz, diferente, comprometedora: Desde el 18 al 29 de noviembre

Producers: Apoyo a Programas de Poblacion (APROPO)|Instituto Peruano de Paternidad Responsable (INPPARES)|Instituto Peruano de Seguridad Social (IPSS)

Contact: Apoyo a Programas de Poblacion (APROPO)

Los Lirios 192, San Isidro
Lima, 27

Phone: 0, 9, 4410155



Audience: Adolescents

Abstract: Advertisment for TV mini-series which aired from Nov. 18-29, 1997.

Notes: The Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs (JHU/CCP) and IGUANA, Peru’s most successful soap opera production house, co-produced 'Andrea: Time for Love', a five-episode TV mini-series on unwanted pregnancy and adolescent sexual responsibility launched in November 1998 in Peru.
'Time for Love' focuses on prevention of teen pregnancy and modeling assertiveness for girls who encounter pressure from their partners to initiate sex. The series is about two teenage couples who struggle to deal with the turbulence of their adolescent years--romance, conflict, and parental strife. Andrea and Renzo represent the ideal couple epitomizing what any teenager would like to have in her or his life:love and passion, fun and growth, commitment and the desire to succeed as individuals. But an unexpected pregnancy and a rush wedding trigger frustration, isolation, and the understanding that they were not ready to become parents. On the other hand, the story of Lily and Daniel is reminiscent of a type of relationship that is very common among young adults: lack of understanding and communication between partners, boys pressuring girls to engage in sexual intercourse, and no respect for individual feelings. However, Lily has the personal strength to break out of the relationship by listening carefully to her feelings and trusting her own values.
'Time for Love' does the following: (a) offers positive modeling behavior for those girls who encounter sexual pressure from their partners; (b) reinforces the practice of safe sex as the smart thing to do; (c) positions delayed sexual intercourse as a legitimate choice for girls; (d) shows that safe sex and the consequences of unprotected sex are both men's and women's responsibilities; and (e) promotes parent-teen dialogue on sex related topics.
The mini-series is part of JHU/CCP’s entertainment-education activities conducted in Latin America with the purpose of educating young people about sexuality and reproductive health. Entertainment has proven to be a very effective way to educate young people about reproductive health and sexual responsibility. Messages conveyed through entertainment appeal to both reason and emotion, leading to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle for viewers who watch the programs.
'Time for Love' shared the first prize in the 4th Latin America Video Festival in Bogota, Colombia with another JHU/CCP production, 'Moon Skin'. This year’s festival focused on young people’s sexual rights.

Description: 30 x 21 cm. Poster. Superimposed color photo of four teenagers and a large photo of Andrea's face in the background.

Subjects: Television Program | Advertising | Adolescents

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