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Update #72: March 1, 2005


Radio with Pictures Show

An effort to use a tool called interactive broadcasting to support community learning. It is a combination of radio or television broadcasting and web conferencing that is designed to transform any radio or television station into an interactive broadcaster quickly and cost-effectively with no capital investment or expertise needed. The purpose of this tool is to create a richer broadcast experience in which audience members can interact with each other and any studio guests; it has potential educational applications and is an effort to address digital divide issues.
Contact David Wortley

New Health Tool Kit From EngenderHealth for Caregivers of HIV/AIDS

New Online Toolkit Will Inform and Empower Caregivers of People Living with HIV/AIDS

New York, NY -- A new online toolkit will assist community-based organizations to better manage information about the spread of HIV/AIDS, thus helping to improve treatment and support for people living with AIDS (PLWAs) and prevent new infections. The toolkit was developed by EngenderHealth, a New York-based organization with more than 30 years of experience in bringing quality reproductive health services to developing countries, with support from the Open Society Institute. The project's research can be accessed at .

The number of people living with HIV/AIDS continues to grow dramatically, with nearly 5 million people infected in 2004 alone. The impact is particularly acute in the developing world, severely challenging the ability of health systems to respond to the pandemic. As the numbers of PLWAs have grown, so have the pool of community-based organizations (CBOs) meeting their needs. These community organizations
are seen as crucial partners by governmental, intergovernmental, and transnational initiatives focused on HIV/AIDS, and major efforts are under way to build their capacity to address the prevention, management,
and mitigation of the disease.

It is crucial that these organizations have the capacity to capture, manage, and share data, yet they lack adequate tools to help them do so. Many providers, especially those working for CBOs, are operating largely without clinical and client care data-management capabilities, with the majority of providers using paper, spreadsheets, or other inadequate or inappropriate tools for these tasks. The existing range of
"off-the-shelf" data-management products are too narrowly developed to meet the needs of the target audience or are developed in such a way that they can't be broadly applied to low-resource environments.
Without this capability, providers' effectiveness in caring for clients is significantly reduced, particularly when caring for large numbers of clients.

The HealthToolKit Project was established to address the need for a data-management tool that helps both community-based caregivers and clinic-based health workers in these low-resource settings. To assess
the needs of providers, a team of researchers in five countries (Botswana, Ghana, South Africa, Swaziland, and Zambia) led focus group discussions with more than 100 health care providers and conducted
technology assessments of 15 nongovernmental organizations. After this fieldwork was completed, the team evaluated existing software to determine if any of these applications could be adapted to meet the
data-management needs that emerged in the research. The project results are captured on Important features of the Web site include:

* Key findings and recommendations for the future, as summarized in the project report, Information Management Challenges and Opportunities for Community-Based Organizations Serving People Living With HIV/AIDS

* A side-by-side comparison of existing software tools aiding organizations to manage and use information

* A selection of hard-to-find reports and tools addressing this data-management issue

The use of information and communications technologies represent an innovative approach to managing the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and the HealthToolKit Project is a crucial first step toward maximizing the

Plans are under way for EngenderHealth and the HealthToolKit team to launch the next phase of the project, which will include adapting one of the off-the-shelf database-management tools. Drawing on their extensive research, the team will develop a brand-new tool that will truly meet the needs of CBOs in low-resource settings as they continue to deliver crucial services to the growing number of PLWAs.

A PDF version of the report, Information Management Challenges and Opportunities for Community-Based Organizations Serving People Living With HIV/AIDS can be downloaded.

For an evaluation of the data-management software analyzed for this project, visit:

For more information on the HealthToolKit Project, contact Carrie Svingen: or

Founded in 1943, EngenderHealth is a nonprofit organization that has been working internationally for more than 30 years to support and strengthen reproductive health services for women and men worldwide.
Since its inception, its work has improved the health of more than 100 million individuals in 90 countries. In 2002, EngenderHealth received the United Nations Population Award. Further information about the
organization is available at

Health Promotion 101

HP101 Web Conferences, March 03 - March 28, 2005

Launched in January 2005, Health Promotion 101 is an on-line, self-directed course designed for health promotion practitioners as well as those interested in learning more about the field of health promotion.
The course was developed collaboratively by the members of the Ontario Health Promotion Resource Centre System (OHPRS), with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (OMHLTC).

The course consists of nine modules addressing the key aspects of health promotion theory and practice, including key definitions and concepts, models of health, theories of behaviour, organization and community
change, and health promotion values and strategies. The material presented in the course will help learners to familiarize themselves with essential health promotion concepts and, in so doing, increase their capacity to promote healthy changes in individuals, organizations and communities. The course can be accessed at

To provide learners with an opportunity to discuss the course material and share reflections with their colleagues, The Health Communication Unit (THCU) is hosting a series of web-based conferences. These interactive learning events are scheduled to take place on the following dates:
* Thursday, March 3, 2:30-4:00 p.m.
* Friday, March 18, 9:00-10:30 a.m.
* Tuesday, March 29, 2:30-4:00 p.m

Participation in the web conferences is free of charge to people who work in health promotion in Ontario. For more information please visit or contact THCU at
or . Enrollment is limited to thirty people.

Online toolkit for orphans and vulnerable children launched!

We are delighted to announce that we have just launched the latest in a series of on-line toolkits. A joint collaboration with FHI, this toolkit is for those supporting orphans and vulnerable children. You can link to
it from the Alliance website, or go direct to:

This project has been a long time in the making, and involved the work of many teams - we're all really proud of it!

It has over 500 resources, categorised into 70 sections and sub-sections - all aspects of community-based support to orphans and vulnerable children are organised under the different headings, and each section
and sub-section has guidance notes, as well as the resources themselves, which you can download as .pdfs.

We hope you like "" - do let us know your opinions, and any suggestions.

Best wishes to all

Ms Kate Harrison
Senior Programme Officer: Children
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Queensberry House
104-106 Queens Road
Brighton BN1 3XF

Community Radio Window Launched

Looking for information from and for Community Radio? Soul Beat Africa has launched a new feature on the website - a Community Radio Window - focusing on experiences, strategic thinking, materials, evaluations and other information related to community radio in Africa! Once you have entered the Window, identified by the blue coloured left navigation bar, everything you view will be related to community radio. You can browse each of the sections, and find information from the Soul Beat Africa network about community radio.

Our easy to use search function in the upper left hand corner, or within each section can help you to further find the information that you are looking for. In this window you can find programme experiences such as descriptions of community radio stations, or programmes that have engaged with community stations. You will also find strategic thinking documents, and materials such as handbooks, reports and guides. The home page of the window can be customised to reflect your interests. To do this visit the following link, and follow the instructions provided:

This is the second issue-oriented window launched by Soul Beat Africa to help users navigate the site and quickly find the information relevant to their interests (the first was our Edutainment Window).

We invite everyone to contribute your own community radio information. We are happy to receive background documents or web links, our editors will create a write-up from this and check back with you for accuracy. Please contact Deborah Walter

Community radio information from and for Africa - visit the Community Radio Window

New Members

Andrea Clelland
ISHED I Institute for Sustainable Health Education and Development
Senior Project Coordinator - World Health Channel
GPO Box 1080 Brisbane Q 4001 Australia
PH: + 4 4603
Fax: +0 2161
I work for a non-profit organisation called ISHED - the Institute for Sustainable Health Education and Development.
ISHED was incorporated in Australia in late 2004 and one of its first initiatives is to develop programming for a satellite radio station it will run called - the World Health Channel. The World Health Channel is accessible by all people covered by the World Space satellite coverage. It is a free to air channel focused on health.

Profile: The Institute for Sustainable Health Education and Development (ISHED) is a not-for-profit health, policy, training, education and communication organisation. An initiative of JTA International and the Interactive Health Network (IHN), ISHED draws together JTA International's health management and training experience, with IHN's innovative technologies and eLearning expertise.

As the WHC is a start-up project, we are busy trying to source existing radio content and health training and education programs suitable for radio broadcast for use in the early broadcasts.
If membership is granted, please advise on copyright issues surrounding use of your materials database - or if copyright lies with each individual provider.

nwaobi rita
anti-aids club
8, unity close abebi
sango ota, Ogun, 23401
Phone: 2348035366103
Interests: Reproductive Health
we offer volountry counselling to students on hiv aids by letting them know the three A,B,C's of preventing aids.i.e abstainance,be faithfull,and condomize steadily

alli amina
anti aids club
9a bank-olemoh street
Surulere, Lagos, 23401
Phone: 2348023509501
Interests: Reproductive Health
we are into voluntary counselling and HIV/AIDS awareness program among student in campus

K-78, Safina Apartment, A.M.U
202002, INDIA
Phone: 0571-2704950
Interests: General Health , Sanitation/Hygiene

100001, NIGERIA
Phone: 3191780
Interests: Environment

sk Imtiyaz Ali
Reproductive Health
International Institute for Population Sci
IIPS, Deonar, Mumbai- 88,
Phone: 091-9869542262
Interests: Reproductive Health, Environment , Nutritition, Sanitation/Hygiene
It is research institute mainly works on National Health and Family Welfare Survey, RCH survey, Works on Population and Development, with the view to Millinium Devlopment Goals. It also work on ageing and education projects.

Zahra Ladak-Merchant
33 Rebello Road, Bandra
Mumbai, 400050, India
Interests: Adolescent Health , General Health
Youth Development and Quality of Health Care and Patient Safety

Akuzike Tasowana
IEC Officer
Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organisatio
MANASO,Box2916,Blantyre ,Malawi
Blantyre, MALAWI, 265
Phone: 635046/018
Interests: Infectious Diseases
Networking and coordinating the fight against HIV/AIDS

Kara L. Jacobson, MPH, CHES
Senior Research Associate Faculty
Rollins School of Public Health of Emory U
1518 Clifton Road NE Rm 668
Atlanta, GA, 30322, USA
Interests: General Health
Health literacy research

Niranjan Barik
At/Po- Dolamandap Sahi, Karati lane
Puri, Orissa, 752001, India
Phone: +91-06752-224220
Interests: General Health , Environment, Sanitation/Hygiene, Domestic Violence
my organisation is Sadbhabana, working for environment, health, cleaning programmmes under our state. we have not much fund to work for a vast people beacause we r not able to earned money in our study hour, but we are make relations to our govt. and other private organisation to collect fund and to use it in our green city.other works done by our organisation which is not possible to explain, we write it in later thanxs

James Watiti
East Central and Sothern African Health Community
P O Box 1009 Arusha Tanzania
Tel. 255-27-2508363
My name is James Watiti and I am the Information Communication and Dissemination Specialist for the East Central and Sothern African Health Community (ECSA)Secretariat based in Arusha.

ECSA is an inter-governemental agency that focuses on promoting best practices in health policy interventions in the region. My organization brings together 14 African Countries. My address is:

I would like to be a member the HCMN in order to benefit from the exchange of state of the art information on health communication. I would like to use some of the ideas gathered from the network to strengthen the capacity building role of the ECSA secretariat in enabling member countries to analyse the effectiveness of health communication campaign materials that they develop.

Apart from sharing my own experience with planning of health communication materials, I will endevour to share some of the country experiences of governement health communication campaigns that emerge form my work.

I look forward to joining this extensive network.

Lisa Russell
Governess Films
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 415
New York, NY, 10036, USA
Phone: +19175544126
Interests: Reproductive Health
Governess Films is a New York City-based production company whose documentary department specializes in social issue documentaries. We work with UN agencies and NGOs to create video-based communications campaigns with our films to help raise awareness and funding of important development issues.

Governess Films is currently completing a project entitled LOVE, LABOR, LOSS which focuses on obstetric fistula. We are distributing the video around the U.S. in 2005 to college students and NGO affiliates interested in hosting screenings in their communities. We are focusing on important social holidays including International Women's Day, World Health Day, Mother's Day and others. We will also be translating the film and sending it to countries in Africa and other areas where fistula in prevelant. We are working with partners who include UNFPA, EngenderHealth, International Center for Research on Women and Feminist Majority and we are seeking others.

For more information about ordering the film or to becoming a partner, please visit our website at or contact Lisa Russell at .

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