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HCMN News – August 16, 2006

SPECIAL NOTE TO HCMN MEMBERS – We are still looking for outstanding materials on the topic of:


The Health Communication Partnership is planning a new website devoted to the issue of Birth Spacing. We would like to HIGHLIGHT materials and campaigns submitted by HCMN members.

Please send birth spacing materials, information, reports, publications, and stories to Susan Leibtag, . Thank you!

  1. “In the Spotlight” – HIV/AIDS Hope Kit - Malawi
  2. UNFPA Companion Report to “State of the World Population”
  3. Upcoming Conference on Health Education – abstracts sought
  4. Fourth Annual Photoshare Photography Contest
  5. New member is looking for materials – can you help?
  6. Welcome to HCMN!

1. “In the Spotlight” – HIV/AIDS Hope Kit – Malawi: The Hope Kit is a package of resources designed to facilitate discussion about HIV prevention issues among community groups in Malawi. The Hope Kit, assembled by the BRIDGE Project, is a collaborative effort that includes materials produced by many organizations. It consists of locally developed posters, information cards, booklets, and sample materials to support community facilitators in addressing HIV prevention issues in a variety of creative and dynamic ways. Go to: for more.

2. UNFPA Companion Report to “State of World Population”: the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has started a new initiative this year, launching a companion report to State of World Population, which offers a youth perspective on the main theme. The companion report, Moving Young, tells the personal stories of 10 young people whose lives have been shaped by migration. This report is available in PDF in English, French and Spanish at:

3. Society for Public Health Education Conference – accepting abstracts for conference: "The Changing Face of Health Education and Health Promotion" – in Seattle in June 2007. Abstract proposals are solicited for sessions that are interactive (e.g. facilitated dialogue, exploration of new ideas, group exercises) as well as scientific presentations that promote audience discussion (e.g. research, case study, lessons learned, focus on process or results). Abstract submissions provide opportunities to engage persons at all levels of health education, health promotion, and health communication. Conference participants can explore integrated approaches to public health by viewing and sharing innovative cross cutting themes, effective research, programs and practice. Visit to submit an online abstract proposal.

4. Fourth Annual Photoshare Photography Contest: Win a new Canon Camera! 4th Annual International Photoshare Photo Contest, Co-sponsored by Canon- Do you have photos of programs in action and the people you serve? Pictures illustrating the realities of urban and rural life in developing countries? Snapshots from your personal travels, volunteer service, or work experience? You may have an award-winning photo! [Contest deadline Nov. 10, 2006]*

Photoshare's Annual Photo Contest is a popular international event mobilizing photographers to share their work for charitable and educational use, in return for a chance to win a prize. By submitting their images, participants contribute to a growing collection of development-oriented photography, helping non-profits communicate health and development issues worldwide.

5. New member looking for materials – can you help? Hakim Ali Tunio, the Tehsil Population Welfare Officer at the Population Welfare Department in Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan, () is working on Family Planning, Mother and Child Health Care, Reproductive Health Services, HIV/AIDS & other STDs, and etc. and is responsible to trained the Male Mobilizers of the District.

She’d like to receive free Booklets, Books, Training Manual, Videos, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs and etc on: infertility, male/female reproductive systems, contraceptive methods, tubal ligation, no-scalpel vasectomy, and abortion. Please contact her if you can help out!

6. Welcome to HCMN! Here is a selection of the newest members of HCMN

Marc Reiss
Senior Copywriter
Medicus NY
New York, NY USA
Email =
I work in the field of advertising to healthcare professionals

Heidi Hudson
Health Communication Specialist
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
email =
I work in the field of Occupational Safety and Health

Armstrong Tingwane
Letloa Trust
D'kar Settement, Botswana
Email =
I am working on a consultative basis with Letloa trust, a member of the Kuru family of organizations.(Development Organizations that work with San Communities in Botswana). My main task is to set up a community health communications center that will focus on production of culture and language specific IEC materials for the indigenous communities in western Botswana. This is part of the organizations HIV/AIDS programs that aims at developing an enabling environment for community health interventions in this part of the country. I will work with four community mobilizes for the next six months( until February 2007) until they are ready to run the center effectively themselves.

Voice India Development Trust
Nagercoil, India
Email =
Voice India Development Trust (VIDT) is a registered charitable trust working with the physically, psychologically, economically and socially affected poor women, youth, children and aged of Kanyakumari District since 2001. The main focus of the organization is to meet the growing demand for counseling services in an integrated support of family, adolescent and geriatric. The centre aims at improving the quality of family life and strengthening the social fabric by preventing families from breaking up, promoting harmonious relationship among their family members and improving the adolescent health.

Mohan Snehi
Society for Environ Prot. and Human Rights
W.No.09, Near Water Tank, Rajouri,J&K
Email =
We work in the field of Human Rights, environment, Women & child health, HIV/AIDS by organising various programmes at college, school and community level with associations with various organisations for last four years. In the field of health we have tried our best to make people aware of availing various health facilities offered by health institutions. Because of a lack of education and extensive health education awareness programmes, many women die while giving birth at home and many die due to malnutrition, anemia, snake bites etc.

Jean Ernest Ouedraogo Communicator
Helen Keller International
Bamako, Mali
Email =
I am involved in Organizing campaigns on community radios about health at the national level; Putting in place 36 radio listeners clubs ( 18 women clubs and 18 young people clubs ) in Mali; Equipping and connecting 20 radio to Internet; Training of radio staff.

Gill Schierhout
Health and Development Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
Email =
Technical assistance in development of media for health promotion, monitoring and evaluation of public health interventions, policies and programmes

Suha Nadeem Qoul
Coordinator/ NCPC
Higher Population Council
Amman, Jordan
Email =
The Higher Population Council HPC is the coordinating referential point for all population issues in Jordan, it works on all population matters such as, RH, FP, Environment. The HPC has a National Resource Center, which is called the National Center for Population Communication NCPC. It is a resource center that collects and displays IEC materials. I am the Coordinator of this center.

Pal Poulomi
Student in Roopkala Kendro
Kolkata, India
Email =
I am at present doing my Post Graduate Diploma from Roopkala Kendro,Kolkata in Development Communication. Presently I am doing my internship in National Centre for Advocacy Studies(NCAS), Pune. The project I am working with is 'Gender and Globalisation' and also the Real Challenges faced by Women.

Le Ngoc Linh
Planning & Knowledgement Department
IEC Center
Buon Ma Thuot City, Viet Nam
Email =

Chandrasekaran Velayutham
Dept of Media Sciences, Anna University
Chennai -India
Email =
I am doing my doctoral research in Aids Communication. I am also Communication consultant for Some small NGO working in AIDS prevention in my city.

Dr. Garg Rajesh
Community Medicine
Amritsar, Punjab, India
Email =
I am a M.D. student of public health. We work in rural and urban health.

Luca Dussin
Information Officer
Healthlink Worldwide/Source International
London, UK
Email = Healthink Worldwide is a specialist health and development agency that seeks to empowers communities through communication. We work to improve the health and well being of disadvantaged communities in developing countries by mobilising innovative knowledge and communication processes. Source aims to meet the information needs of individuals and organisations working in health, disability and development worldwide. It has a unique collection of around 25,000 health and disability information resources. These include books, journals, manuals, reports, posters, CD-ROMs, websites and organisations. Many materials are from developing countries and include both published and unpublished literature not readily available elsewhere in the UK.

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